Kjell Tryggvi

Big, and well armored wielding a halberd.


A big guy with light brown hair down to his shoulders. Clothed in greens and browns, wearing chainmail armor, and wielding a large Halberd.


Kjell is from a small community in the high forest, that often trades with the Orcs from the many arrows tribe. During a trading mission Kjell within a Many arrows camp Kjell was invited to sit and drink and gamble with some of the younger Orc. Kjell quickly got drunk and lost more that he had. Not being able to pay his debts Kjell was worried, but the Orc told him that they trade with his clan often and would collect their due at a later date. Relieved, kjell wen on about his business and returned to his clan and forgot about the whole ordeal. About a month later some Orc from the Many Arrows came to his clan demanding an unreasonably high payment. What started out as heated words quickly escalated to violence. Before the fight could be broken up, Kjell killed one of the Orcs. The elders quickly got involved and paid off Kjell’s debt, along with a blood price for the fallen orc. However, they deemed Kjell action as murder,, and exiled him.

Kjell has spent the past few years wandering the wilds as a self proclaimed defender of the forest.

Kjell Tryggvi

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