Book of Holding

Fourth of Tarsakh
Written by Corrin

Tarsakh Fourth, 1477
Undead again today. Found out Aemil is a greedy, vain fool that doesn't care for the suffering of others.  And a ghost of the Trishna outside the inn. Not to mention the fact that we left an ornate note on a spooky shack.
The inn was attacked by zombies where I held the line at an unsecured door. It wasn't The others aided in the defence from other ingress points. 
We made it to the 'Rotting Cave' or something. Zombies and skeletons. The cave stunk of death and rot, hence the name. The skeletons were no match for us, nor were the zombies. There were some rats going at food crates, but they were best left alone.  The corpses were put to rest, as well as the bodies on the meathooks. Poor sods. Falee recoiled from the meathooks. She doesn't seem like she's been dealing with this kind of thing in the past.
We eventually found the necromancer responsible. Falee, the Elven wizard, did a number on the evil bastard with her lightning. I did put my sword through his chest, then took his head clean off. Thanks for the sword skills, Mother. I'll be in your debt for life at this rate. I did find a ring with a skull on it. I'll need to figure out what it does.
The body of Trishna was recovered and buried next to her husband. Along with their lockets. Buried those with them.  That was nice. At the inn I exchanged recipes with the innkeeper and made a pot pie from root veggies, pie crust, and ale after bathing. That's going in the cook book.

First of Tarsakh
Written by Corrin

Tarsakh First, 1477
Where to begin? I was attacked by lizardmen in the woods, but that helped to clear out the path for the arriving party. I dealt with most of them, but one had latched onto me. Thankfully, they arrived just in time as I grew exhausted. And killing five lizardmen wasn't the strangest thing that happened!
We headed to Longsaddle where I continued to help the cook. They all got settled in, and I ended up staring at the clouds for a bit. One looked like a bear, and another like a toadstool! But Amara shuffled me onto Longsaddle, even though I didn't want to. No big deal.
So, now things get a bit strange. When I walked into Longsaddle, I saw Saiph and Saiph come tumbling out of the tavern! Lo' and behold, one turned out to be the bard! At first I thought they had gotten drunk and began making out, but the Half-Elf put the shocking grasp to him. Twice! He prepared a third, only for the strangest feeling to wash over me. I passed out and the world seemed to spin as I plummeted through the blackness.
As I awoke, I was bound. And furred. I was a cat! A cat named Clawdette in service to a captain (Ca't'n) named Greeneye. While trying to orient myself, I saw some weasels on the deck of the ship. Slipping my bonds, I immediately rushed down and cast a thunderous boom! It sent one of the vermin over the side of the deck. Combat continued, until the ship snapped clean in half following a pair of explosions. I hopped back, only to make a jump for a lifeboat and miss.
After floundering in the water, we got into the lifeboats and made it to the shore. We soon  found a ranger-cat named Tabby that sold us maps. From there, we made our way across the land and encountered more weasels, which were scared away by some convincing arguments. So we continued onwards! Only to encounter hamster-people that tried to sell us catnip. Our wizard, Majikat, bought some after the hamsters began fighting.
Then we reached Cat Amaxis after vowing to end the Dread Pirate Vermin and save King Furrdinand and Queen Catarina. The magister gave us the run-around, only for Ca't'n Greeneye (I really need to stop saying that) to intimidate the man. I helped as Clawdette the First Mate. Eventually, we got in. 
In the approach to the throne room, we encountered a pair of boxes. I had the sudden urge to touch the boxes, only for the bard (Cecil) and the monk (Master Mi-Yao) to get stuck to the boxes and end up swallowed! They soon broke free, only for the lead paladin (Ser Spencer Tuffington) to aid us in our valiant fight against the mimics! When they died, the beasts transformed into a horrid shape, but I had seen worse. The writing grows unsteady for a moment, before recomposing itself. 
Then two assassins burst onto the scene, along with a Dread Mystic named Bloodpaw and none other than Vermin himself. A valiant battle ensued, with Clawdette's blade of weasel slaying helping to double-team the Dread Pirate Vermin while Ca't'n (damn it!) Greeneye attacking from the front. 
The battle was over and we were heroes. We were in the throne room and Clawdette and Greeneye were to be given a new ship, plus the rat's old one. When the swap occured, I felt her. Clawdette. She was surprised to be in the throne room. But I had left the plane of Catlantis and returned to my own body, where several dead small animals were strewn about. Poor critters! It can't be helped. I wasn't in control of my own body.
The whole experience was strange. I felt the subtle urgings of the cat that occupied my body. Her memories and experiences, her joys and fears. She had also suffered like I had. That undeniable pain of fear and loss. But she deals with it, unlike me. I just try and hide, even though the nightmares and visions of the past taunt me daily. The war's been fought and won, but it still haunts me. Her writing looks like she took the pen and jammed it into the page with a stabbing grip.  WHY WON'T IT GO AWAY!? A few formerly-wet droplets warp small splotches on the parchment. 
I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to stay asleep.

The world as we know it...
Daily Life in the Forgotten Realms

You live in a medieval fantasy environment.  On the planet Toril, mystical creatures are everywhere, and yet nowhere.  Fey (and others) have mixed bloodlines with humans, producing many varieties of humanoid… but plain ol' humans are at least half the population, on the continent of Faerun (You Are Here).  The everyday life of a commoner sees little magic, and many live their whole lives without seeing a demon, abberation, or dragon.  To many, goblins and kobolds are just pests… part of the ecology, usually taken out by brave adventurers, or warrior defenders of their region.

A large pantheon of gods, demigods, exarchs, and more exist in the universe.  They're known, most people are very pantheistic, but almost everyone has a favorite — or is a favorite of that god.  Religion isn't necessarily a preoccupying force in the average person's life, but matters of faith vary with everyone.  Some people join monastic orders, receive holy powers, and become chosen champions of particular gods… while other deities are quiet and rarely get involved in mortal matters.

While many people live simple lives, you are adventurers!  You undertake heroic deeds to protect your homeland, garner valor and goodwill among the people, or simply to soak up the virtues of fame and fortune.  Desiring a life of action, you hired on with an organization called The Wayfarers of Faerun; as such an adventuring company provides legitimacy, resources, and contacts you'd otherwise be without.

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